For those of you who don’t know what deadCenter is, it’s one of the country’s top film festivals. Bringing in over 30,000 people every year, and screen good to moderately awesome films. And it’s right in my back yard! Not really, but I mean it is like 15 minutes away, and you can’t beat that! Starting tomorrow I will immerse myself in pure film watching, and Stella drinking (they’re the sponsors) pleasure. For me, it’s like summer camp for adults, but without the part where I get beat up (it was a long childhood). I meet amazing filmmakers from all over the world, and and have the chance to see some films that would otherwise be near impossible to see, short of blowing the right people at Sundance…Too far? But seriously, I am grateful to have this film festival here. You may not hear from me for several days due to this fact, but I assure you that on the flip side will be great stories, and for me hangovers. But 100% fun! Anyway, until next time, vale!