After over 2 years of blood, sweat, and tears our short film, Repercussion, has its World Premiere at the Austin Revolution Film Festival (aka ARFF)!! This film was my first time writing, directing, and acting all on the same project. And I am ecstatic to share this film with everyone who will be watching it! There’s so much to say about the cast and crew of this film, but I fear I may ramble if I do, so I will just say this… I was so privileged to work with the amazing people I did, and from it I have grown as an actor, director, and really an overall filmmaker. So I know you must be saying, how can I see this amazing piece of art?? Well, the film festival takes place September 19-23, but Repercussion will be screening of Friday. So if you happen to be in the Austin greater area on Friday, September 22, 2017 I strongly encourage you to stop by, grab a day pass, and watch the film, as well as the other amazing films that are going to be screening. There’s more announcements to come…so this party’s just getting started! So check back here! And check out Repercussion’s FB page at this link: RepercussionOKC  for all the happenings of the film! Until then… vale!