Hello everyone!

It’s been a busy few months since I’ve written about the new news that’s been happening!  What with Repercussion going to film festivals, acting, writing, directing, and traveling, it’s been a busy summer, and I’ve needed time to catch up! We will dive into all those details in future posts, but this post is about my experience in getting cast in  my first SAG role!


I submitted to my agent for the supporting role of the deputy, and a Twin 1 role that was also a supporting role. I got an audition for the deputy about 4 days later. I went in, did my best ,and felt good about it. I left and tried not to give it a second thought. After not hearing anything for about 10 days I figured it went to someone else (which it did), so I stopped thinking about it. That’s when I got called in for the role of Twin 1. I really connected to the sides, this was a fun role, and I wanted it. I dived into the character and went into the audition room. I was somewhat taken aback by the spectrum of people that were there auditioning, and one person in particular that has been being cast in just about everything, so I was really hoping he was there for another role…he was not. I signed in and went into the room. It was great. The energy was good, my scene partner was great. It felt right. I left the room ready to head home after my 2 minutes in the room. Then the casting director came out and asked if I could stick around and read again. Well, that’s never happened before…”Absolutely!” I said, trying not to sound too excited. I walked back in, and did it again. It too was great! I left and began a wait that only lasted two days. I got a callback! I walked in the room, and introduced myself to the director who had flown in from LA. He was super laid back and nice. It put me at ease…I was off to the races! I did the scene, it was strong. I said “Thank you” and started leaving. I once again the casting director stopped me and asked me to stay and read again. This was a good omen. I read a 2nd time. It was even stronger! I had nailed it, and I knew it. Not in a cocky way, but in a jump up and down sort of way. For 10 days I heard nothing… it was painful. I had started to think that it had been cast like the other one…the nall of a sudden, I get an email titled, “SIP castings”. I was like what the heck is this?? SIP?? I opened it up, SIP, Sleeping in Plastic! I had been cast! It was a wonderful experience, and I am so thankful to everyone that helped me, and took risks on me! I hope I did you proud! More to come soon everyone! Until then…vale