Hello everyone! I will say right off, it’s been waaay too long since I’ve updated you with news of things, and I’m sorry for not doing so! But with this new year comes a new commitment from me to keep this updated with news of what’s going on!

There’s no way to catch you all up on everything that has happened since the last update in one post, but I will slowly get you there. And let me give you a brief glimpse into what’s going on to start out the year!

It’s been a long while since I’ve been just an actor, delving into directing, writing, and more recently producing. I have been given wonderful opportunities to do these other positions in hopes of strengthening myself as an actor first and foremost, and learning the other wonderful areas that the film industry has to offer.

With that, BRI Productions (my production company) has been busy with upcoming projects, and finishing up ones that are “in the can” to work towards bringing the best content we can to people. I look forward to updating you on a regular basis for not just my work as an actor, but also in a producing directing, and writing capacity as well. This year I will work to diversify who I am, and what I can do, but will an emphasis on acting, which will always be my #1 passion.

And I look forward to working with YOU! Do you have a film that needs a great actor? Do you have a project that’s dynamic and needs a seasoned director? How about a project that needs producing? Needing to shoot in Oklahoma? I have GREAT connections to get you the best crew in ANY position. Need a writer? I’ve got you covered. Let’s make this the best year ever. Let’s dive in, step up, and knock this year out of the park!

Thank you to everyone who checks this website, and blog section for your support, and interest. It’s time everyone. Professional grade. I’ll post soon with new updates! Until then…Vale