Even though acting and directing is my passion, sometimes the opportunity to be behind the camera presents itself. Such was the case this past week, when out of the blue Fox sports called me and asked if I’d like to be on the crew for a show they were doing for a few days.

I of course, jumped at the chance! It was great to work with the crew that I got to. And helping with a arenacross event that will be shown on TV is in and of itself pretty cool to me. And I’m looking forward to seeing it broadcast. I look forward to more opportunities like this one.

Also, this to me just goes to show how the universe’s ebb and flow has a mind of its own. You never know what’s in store for you next, and you have to be ready for whatever may lie ahead. It’s something that’s been front and center on my mind lately. Being ready. Ready for acting opportunities, ready for writing opportunities, ready for directing, and producing, and yes, even crew opportunities. I think some of us poo-poo things in favor of saying that they’re we’re either “above it,” or “that’s not my dream.” When in reality there is no one path to where we’re supposed to go, and how we’re supposed to get there. My path is not your path, is not someone else’s path. And though crew work may not be your path to being the next Tom Hanks, maybe it all comes around for me, and helps that happen one day. At very least, it’s another skill I can have in my tool-box.

Until next time. Vale.