First off, welcome back! It’s been a BUSY couple of months and it’s been great to see all that life is doing. So, what’s next? Well, that would be the 48 Hour Film Project. What is it you may be asking. If you did, it’s a film race where you have to write, film, edit, score, color grade, and render all in 48 HOURS or you’re disqualified from being nominated for awards.

With that in mind, this was my 6th year to participate in the competition. Previously doing it 3 years as just an actor, and the past 3 years as a Team Leader. After getting our film in late last year, I was ready to throw in the towel, but decided with a little help that I wanted to put effort into this year and try again.

Co-written and co-directed by myself (Ben Richardson) and Jordan Wilson (What People Are) we came up with, Marshmallows, a Fish Out of Water story that the whole team really came together on. It ended up garnering 8 award nominations, including myself being nominated for Best Supporting Actor. And we won Best Ensemble Cast.

It’s a special film with (hopefully) a universal message to it. We want you to interpret it however you want and apply it however you need. That’s something  we have been told  people can do, and that’s something  that the film does I’m proud of. That, and you have to see our lead character, he crushes it. But for reals.

Anyway, below is a letter directed to the team that I believe sums up how I feel about this year.

“Here’s to the teammates that put in the work. That put individual egos aside for a bigger picture. For a story that I believe needed to be told, and to the people that helped that story come to life in every form and facet. To the ones that stepped up when others faltered, and the ones that step up time and time again. For the camaraderie and friendships that were formed, and the strengthening of the ones that were already there. And to the peers that recognized our hard work in the form of nominations, and a win for best ensemble cast. But in short, here’s to you Team Phoenix”


Until next time, Vale.