Great news on the film festival front has been a thing lately, an that trend has continued with LORD FINN getting into the NORMAN FILM FEST, which is THIS Friday and Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma. We will screen at the historic Sooner Theatre at 6:30PM, and admission is FREE! So, if you’re in the state and haven’t seen Lord Finn yet, I would highly recommend shooting down for a fun-filled evening of cinema and good conversation.

In addition to the screening coming up, I have been doing some PR for the film. The film has interviews with either the director and/or myself, and the executive producer  in several of the local news outlets. With my favorite being the one in the Oklahoma Gazette, check it out.

Not sure where Lord Finn will strike next, but it’s always a pleasure to get to watch people’s reaction to your performance, and hopefully have them be moved, or impacted.

Well, until next time, Vale