To me it is the ultimate compliment when a company or filmmaker wants to work with you again. It says this person is, “on-time, good actor, natural, easy to work with, hits their marks, and gives everyone what they’re looking for” without ever saying a word.

And to be honest, it may be even sweeter this 2nd time than the first because of that reason. I always strive to do the very best I can, whether it’s for a cat liter commercial (I haven’t gotten one of those, but the door is wide open…anyone, anyone?), or a potentially Oscar worthy film, I’m going to give a 110%.

And as I twist down this road that is ever changing, I am ever thankful for each and every role I get to play. I’ve learned that it can be, and is fun to play all sorts of characters. So, with that said, I hope you will let me know if you see me grabbing some produce or slinging some ice cream on a spot! Maybe, you’ll even be persuaded to go grab an ice cream or a banana? Never know.


Until next time, Vale 🙂