There’s definitely a thrill to getting an audition notice in your inbox or c-mail, or what have you. Knowing that you have conquered at least that much. I mean after all, they say that if you’re in the room, you at least have a chance, right? That’s the way I look at it. If you call me in, I have a sporting chance. That sounded old timey… Maybe I should now do something that involves “fisty-cuffs”… anyway, moving on. But for real, I like that feeling. Get me in the door, meet the people put my intentions out into the universe, and let it flow. There’s also, some sort of satisfaction that comes from finding all these audition notices, and working your butt off, and getting an audition that way as well. As well as the video submission. Love those! Seriously, I do. And then maybe the callback, and if everything falls in place, the role! Yep, there’s not a feeling like it for sure. Sucks when you go through an audition drought too. It’s like not having a paper but a pen, or a cookie, and running out of milk…it’s just no fun. But it’s my job (in conjunction with my agents) to make sure that doesn’t happen. And to keep growing as an actor to be able to land these roles. Anyway, now I’m rambling… So until next time, vale!